Stop Avimor

The citizens of Eagle came out in force for over two years, telling the leaders of the city one clear message, "No Avimor annexation to Eagle". What happens next is a miscarriage of power that has awakened our city to take action.

As a resident of our great city for many years, I have seen the passion and commitment to the "small town charm" everyone I speak to has. So it came as a great surprise when our current City Council decided to double the size of our city in the next few years, by allowing this Avimor annexation to go through. I have stood up at the public meetings, I have listened to residents tell me, while sitting on my HOA board, that Avimor does not belong here. Yet, despite over 85% of us not wanting this, our council has turned their backs on us. This cannot continue.

As your member of the City Council, I will do everything in my power to reverse the Avimor decision. It may be too late to turn the tides. However, it is not too late to boot out the ones who did this. What new crazy ideas will they come up with next? Who will be the next developer to come in and want this council to dump another bloated, oversized, subdivision on the taxpayers of Eagle? It is not too late to stop the crazy train from going forward. Eagle is Ready for Robert!


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  • Robert Imhoff
    published this page in Learn More 2023-09-11 12:41:06 -0600