Robert supports the Annexation reversal of Avimor community into Eagle. While it may be too late, we can still explore and attempt to reverse this decision. If we cannot reverse this, we need to stop the City Council from doing another Avimor deal ever again. 

Avimor developers have carved out many exemptions to city code in the annexation deal. They also provided a long list of demands that will consume Eagle tax-dollars.

Eagle deserves a City Council who will stand up to pushy developers to ensure the needs of all Eagle neighborhoods are considered and ensure your tax-dollars are responsibly prioritized. 


Restore 25MPH Downtown

Recently, the city council reduced the downtown speed limit to 20 MPH.  They did little to solicit input from the community - who have long been concerned with streets like Beacon Light and Floating Feather - not downtown.  The current city council has consistently proven to have their own developer-funded interests before the citizens. 

Reducing traffic accidents is a priority for everyone however studies on the 20 MPH limits have conflicting and inconclusive results. Most citizens are upset the lowered speed limits have caused an increase in congestion and distracted drivers. This is why Robert is in favor of returning the speed limit to its originally recommended 25MPH and refocusing traffic concerns to the areas that need it the most. 

City council needs to prioritize the safety of all Eagle streets, not just downtown.


Finalize Shooting Sports Park

Public safety is a priority. Shooting outside of a range on BLM land is more likely to cause injury, fire, and left behind trash. Providing convenient access to firearm safety training for both our police officers and citizens helps reduce unchecked use of BLM land and increase firearm safety awareness.  

Robert supports utilizing the land, provided to Eagle, to create the Shooting Sports Park. Great progress has been made for the Archery portion, however the taxpayers want to also see the firing range developed. Robert will work to ensure Eagle moves this project forward in a timely and taxpayer conscious way.