School Choice

Robert supports the balance between private schools, charter schools, and public schools. Families know what their children need in the education experience, not bureaucrats. Families should be allowed to move their education dollars with them, regardless of type of schooling program they choose.

Grocery Tax

Robert supports complete removal of the Grocery Tax for non-prepared foods. A family of 4 pays over $550 a year on taxes just for groceries! Offering a "credit" at the end of the year on your tax return does not cover the cost of an extra gallon of milk today.

Income and Sales Tax

Robert support the creation of a top level lock on all income and sales taxes in Idaho. No income, or sales tax, should be more than 6% - for anyone - in the state of Idaho. Any increase of these two taxes should require a Citizens Initiative, which requires 70% yes vote, to increase these taxes.