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Robert Imhoff is running to serve the people of Eagle. The personal pocketbooks of the current city council have been above the interest of the people for too long. It’s time for the citizens of Eagle to have a true civic leader willing to represent the community’s values. We need someone interested in Protecting Eagle Values from politics as usual. Robert is that citizen.


The families of Eagle deserve a leader who will honor the original intention of the city's comprehensive plan. Robert plans to represent Eagle by pushing back against fiscally irresponsible purchases. Robert actively spoke out against Avimor at the planning commission meetings, and will continue to oppose developments not supported by the communities involved. It's time for the needs and desires of the city residents to outweigh the needs of developers.

Robert Imhoff has a long history of community involvement. His efforts have focused on safety, digital infrastructure, and fiscal responsibility. Robert has served his community as a(n):

  • Current Board Member, Great Sky Estates HomeOwners Association (HOA)
  • Current Board Member, Golden State Second Amendment Council (GS2AC) 
  • Current Member: High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA)
  • Volunteer with Urban Shield, Police SWAT training initiative
  • Volunteer for local & state Disaster Airlift Response Team (DART)
  • Volunteer for local Community Emergency Response Teams Training (CERT)
  • Volunteer for local community Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)
  • Volunteer for local public transportation community input board
  • Volunteer for local youth cyber security and safety training
  • Volunteer for local digital voter community input board
  • Volunteer for young adult cyber security professional mentor

Robert will work to instill a sense of high ethics, honesty, hard work, and integrity to our city council. Robert leads with an emphasis on objective analysis and evidence-based reasoning. He has a proven track record of being willing to call out corruption. Robert will lead by weighing the communities different policies and perspectives and respecting Idaho values.

Robert Imhoff has been a strong leader in the CyberSecurity industry for over 20 years. He has spoken at several conferences, worked directly with the Nevada Cyber Crimes Task Force, and published several papers on online safety and credit card fraud. He currently holds a senior management role for a large technology company for 8 years.

Robert Imhoff is a resident of Eagle, Idaho, with his wife and two children. His wife works to stop tax-payer funding towards harmful animal experiments. She is an active member of their daughters school PTO, and an organizer of the Idaho Steelheads Season Ticket Holders Club. Their daughter attends school in Eagle, and their son is currently spending summer abroad before attending his first year of college.

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