Career Day!

Providing open doors to our children at an early age is the key to laying the groundwork for success in adulthood. That is why it is important to me that I volunteer for K-12 Career Days. I have been participating in career days for many years and was happy to attend one at Piedmont Middle School recently.

I have worked in computers for over 20 years and have been a Cyber Security Professional for over 15. This is an exciting career and really grabs the attention of middle schoolers. It was very nice to present how I got into this profession and how they could do the same. You do not have to be a Police Officer or Firefighter to engage an eighth grader. As soon as they heard that a STEM career can give them access to new video games, and get paid to find security flaws, their attention was hooked!

As a State Assembly Representative, I will continue to reach out to our children. Not just through career days, but through sound policies. Ensuring everyone has access to the education that is right for them is critical. School Choice, or the ability to allow Charter Schools to participate in California's education system, is something that I strongly support. I will push for more clear laws that will support these schools, and hold them accountable if they do not succeed.

Warm Regards,

Robert Imhoff

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