Robert Imhoff for State Chair

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Chair of the Libertarian Party of California. As a lifelong Libertarian, I fully understand and take on the challenge of bringing Personal Liberty to the people of California.

As a Political Party, we will be most effective when we focus on setting goals and putting forward Libertarian Policies, achieving both through direct action. As Chair, I will work not just with activists, and the executive committee, but also closely with our county affiliates. That is why my first action as chair will be to introduce the 2% by 2020 initiative. Through this initiative, we can focus on the following goals to spread liberty in California:

  • Libertarians will make up 2% of all registered voters in California by the end of 2020 (approx. 400,000 voters).¬†
  • Libertarian Party membership will be 2% of all registered Libertarians by the end of 2020 (approx. 8,000 members).
  • We will have 30 active county affiliates across the state by end of 2020.
  • We will have at least 200 candidates for local, county, and state offices in November 2020 election.

To learn more about the details of these goals, please explore my Goals page.

With Liberty,

Robert Imhoff-Dousharm